Estate Disputes & Wills

Just as it is important for people to have their Wills and Powers of Attorneys executed, it is also important to work with a lawyer who can assist when there are estate disputes.  Estate disputes often arise when there is a challenge to someone’s Will, if an Estate Trustee has failed in their administration of the estate, or if there is no Will present at all.  This area of law can be highly emotional, often because siblings are fighting with siblings, or nieces and nephews quarreling with aunts and uncles, and decade old family feuds resurface.  The goal of the lawyer should not be to escalate those feuds, but to assist their clients with a way forward towards a resolution, whether through negotiation (preferred) or at trial on unique and challenging areas of law.

We offer drafting services of Wills, POAs, and assist with probate applications, guardianship applications, and estate disputes.

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